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Kapra, Hyderabad


Saket Pranaam, Hyderabad’s first Active Retirement Home Solution Project. A facility-enriched gated community with 333 Active Retirement Homes for senior citizens in Hyderabad that offers premium housing 1, 2, and 3 BHK flats, built across 4.5 acres to specially match the needs of the elderly who like a blend of Ethnic and Contemporary Lifestyles.

With 30% of the built area surrounded by 70% of open space accommodating every amenity for leading a comfortable life, it’s time you hop in, Explore & Rediscover yourself!

Make your post-retirement life more joyous as space adds a tinge of peace, fun, love, and grace, being a pro-community space, specially designed with a blend of comfort and luxury for the elderly to lead a life on their terms.

At Saket Pranaam, you are given access to prime amenities that make your daily routine more comfortable, easy, and hassle-free, alongside giving you the comfort of spending time with fellow retired people, playing games, chatting over coffee, or going for a walk, adding joy to your day.

Bowing to the divine feet and gifting a univocal choice of a classic yet comfortable life in combination with dignity, security, and happiness is the best sense of gratitude you can extend to your parents.

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