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Amidst the current suffocating situation caused by the pandemonium of the COVID-19, there lies the silver lining of hope in the happening location of Kompally, Hyderabad. Spread across a vast stretch of greenery, Saket Pranamam by the Saket Group is a relief in the times of the Corona Virus crisis. While the pulsating life flow has suddenly halted and the normal routine of life has come to a standstill due to fighting against COVID-19, the Pranamam project offers ample reasons to re-consider life from a rejuvenating perspective.

How Saket Pranamam comes as a big respite?

The lockdown announced by the Indian Government recently in the wake of Coronavirus prevention has made life difficult. However, this much-needed call for action apparently can save human lives on a large scale and it is the only solution to the present problem. It, however, deserves mentioning that the Pranamam housing project which comprises senior living homes in Telangana opens up scores of opportunities for the seniors to find good respite amidst the Corona catastrophe.

While social distancing and using PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) is a compulsion, the seniors can still enjoy an emancipated life within the community. The picturesque lakes, tranquil atmosphere, natural setting for healthy living, 24*7 in-house medical facilities, etc., are sufficient to keep worries at bay. It is known how life in the advanced years becomes physically and mentally excruciating due to illness, physical incapability, boredom, loneliness, and other reasons. Nonetheless, life at Pranamam is cheerful and happy thus making sure that the elderly feel contended even in the lockdown.

True that there is no access to the outside world and even meeting friends within the community is strictly barred but one can enjoy the basic necessities of life at hand here. This retirement-gated community project in Secunderabad is equipped with a round-the-clock surveillance service, thus keeping a tab on residents’ movement. It is a good initiative since the community ensures the safety of the aged dwellers living here against the spread of the virus from going out or coming in. Healthy veg food for seniors is served by the community management team so that they need not worry about going to the market or cooking food at their apartments.

NRI’s need not worry about their aged parents staying at Pranamam since the community managerial group has taken all the due responsibilities of keeping its members safe. Apart from conforming to the Coronavirus prevention norms, it is ensured that senior living during lockdown at Pranamam is not compromised. Absolute care is taken about their mental health by ensuring a nice environmental setting and a comfortable living in their apartments. No wonder, why the project proves to be a huge respite for those who live in foreign lands and are feeling helpless about their parents staying in India.

Loneliness is a major concerning factor in the sunset years. Although meeting each other and gathering at the same place is strictly prohibited now, residents of this retirement-gated community project in Hyderabad can still savor a normal lifestyle. They can talk with their fellow members/friends within the same premise by maintaining a certain physical distance and wearing a mask.

Rest assured, Saket Pranamam is a sought-after retirement-gated community project in India. To combat the depressing situation of the Corona Virus mayhem, this realty project is a living breathing space to discover life from a fresh perspective.

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