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Many NRIs choose to come back to their country after living years abroad. Almost two-thirds (62%) of the NRIs show strong nostalgic feelings for their motherland as they age and want to settle where their roots belong. Finding the Best Senior Living Gated Community can be a gruelling task if you are not aware of how to go about it. In recent times, Hyderabad has been under the spotlight for being a booming market for real estate projects. The Saket Group tapped this potential of ensuring promising Retirement Homes in Hyderabad, especially for the NRI adult groups. Saket Pranaam  is an outstanding example of a multi-facilitated and result-driven housing solution for the core needs of the senior NRIs.


  • 38% of the non-residents of India feel intensely about being in their hometowns in their riping age.
  • Despite the high standards of living and affluence abroad, 36% of the NRIs report of poor quality of life in foreign lands.
  • The remaining 26% want to come back for family reasons.

Despite the urge to settle in their country, most NRIs do not contend about the living conditions in senior housing communities here. The question is what are the NRIs looking for?

  • 88% have no problem paying a high premium for senior housings, but they seek great quality lifestyles.
  • According to 72% of the NRIs, the developers in the country fail to foster projects that are in harmony with the demands of affluent seniors.
  • 42% of the NRIs lookout for serviced senior housings based on leased rental modes. As per their views, the Indian developers assume that low-cost housing in remote locations is fitting but in real, it is not. In precise, the NRIs are not happy with the senior citizen options in India.

It is worth mentioning that among the various failed senior housing complexes targeted for the elite class, Saket’s Pranaam is a pioneering example of assisted living in Hyderabad. It aims at bringing all retirement people in one place for peaceful living for the elderlies.

Saket Pranaam and the Benefits it offers

Pranaam is a cluster of Gated Community Villas for sale in Hyderabad, which stretches across 5.29 acres of land. It is cocooned in the midst of ample greenery in Kompally. The features dime a dozen that include:

  • 24/7 surveillance security to CPVC pipes
  • round the clock internet connectivity
  • 100% power backup
  • softened bore well water
  • meditation room
  • laundry service
  • rainwater harvesting
  • large green spaces
  • Intercom facility and much more. 

The biggest plus point is the project’s close proximity to shopping and entertainment centres, the main ring road, multi-speciality hospitals, and so on.

Indeed, Pranaam is a classic confluence of a secured and dignified living. The senior NRIs are not merely satisfied with an opulent lifestyle, but they pursue enriching companionship of their likes. Savouring a cheerful life in the ageing years is bliss in disguise. At Pranaam senior living apartments in Hyderabad, you find it all, be it a suitable location, lavish features, elaborate conveniences and like-minded people.

Why Saket’s Bhu:satva is another Promising Deal?

While Saket Pranamam sounds optimistic for the senior NRIs and the adult community, Saket Bhu:satva is the perfect luxurious abode to invest in. Spread across a luscious 75 acres of land, Bhu:satva comprises of 600 luxury villas near Gowdavalli, Near Kompally,  Each villa is beautifully constructed with commendable architectural brilliance to match the demands of the elite class. Considering the lavish lifestyle of the well-to-do people, the extensive area is diligently equipped with the best water treatment plants, state-of-the-art facilities and ample activity areas. The two overlooking lakes, Bommai Cheruvu and Marri Kunta add to the interest of the project. Among the various gated community villas for sale in Hyderabad, Bhu:satva is very reassuring.

To conclude, the Saket Group should get cheers for their exemplifying endeavour in making Pranaam and Bhu:satva all-comprehensive, complacent deals to settle for. Meant for all, be it the affluent adult NRIs, wealthy Indian retirees or other well-off buyers, both the projects have the potential to reckon with.

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